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Can a drunk driving charge or conviction impact your college admission?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | DUI

There are countless colleges in neighboring Richmond that college students from here in Glen Allen either currently or aspire to attend. 

It may seem as if you meet the academic requirements and have the money to pay for tuition that nothing would stand in the way of you getting into your desired school and remaining enrolled — but that’s not the case. 

Admission is discretionary for almost every school. A drunk driving conviction on your record could not only impact your ability to get into college but adversely impact your enrollment even if you’ve already been admitted.

How drunk driving charges or a conviction can impact college enrollment

If you’re in the process of applying for college, then you’re likely aware of how applications ask about any arrests or criminal convictions you may have. You may be tempted to lie, thinking you won’t get caught for doing so. The fine print under that question likely outlines the penalties for lying, to include future suspension (if admitted), though. 

You may also have similar obligations as a current student. You are likely bound to the school’s code of ethics, which requires you to let them know if certain events occur after your enrollment. A drunk driving arrest or conviction may be one of those things. 

The school could take disciplinary action against you, including expelling you from their school if you didn’t disclose this information. At the same time, disclosing it may prevent you from being allowed to participate in collegiate sports, in-field experiences, study abroad, work-study programs and student government. 

Anyone who has awarded you a scholarship may request that you make similar disclosures about arrests or convictions. Reporting such information may result in the removal of any funds that you rely on to attend school and a request that you pay back what you’ve already spent. You must secure a professional license to take on some jobs. You may need to change your major to one that doesn’t have such a requirement in place if convicted of a crime such as a DUI. The penalties could even be stiffer if your alleged drunk driving resulted in someone getting hurt or killed. 

Your future is on the line if you’re facing drunk driving charges here in Virginia. If you don’t want to lose everything you’ve worked so hard for, then coming up with a solid defense to your charges is key.