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Marijuana breath testing is highly scrutinized

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | DUI

Police officers watch drivers for signs of impairment. While most people assume that impairment comes from alcohol, this isn’t always the case. Marijuana is another substance that can cause a driver to become too impaired to drive. 

The issue with marijuana impairment is that it’s difficult to determine whether the person is actually legally impaired. There is a breath test available to check for marijuana —  but it’s under considerable scrutiny. 

What’s so hard about checking marijuana levels in a driver?

A breath test for alcohol measures the amount of alcohol in the body at the time of the test. As alcohol is metabolized, its effects are reduced at the same rate as the reduction in the body. Alcohol isn’t detectible in the body longer than the effects of it are present. 

THC, the impairing substance in marijuana isn’t metabolized in the same manner as alcohol. THC is present in the body long after impairing effects have worn off. This makes the breath test for marijuana highly contested by many people. 

Anyone who’s been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana should carefully evaluate the circumstances of their arrest so they can determine what type of defense strategy to employ. It might behoove you to consult with a person who’s familiar with this type of case so you can find out what options you have. Doing this early in the case is advisable so you have time to consider the strategies. Some options might be time-sensitive, so this will give you a chance to utilize them if desired