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How could you unwittingly end up with a DUI this Christmas?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | DUI

If you are driving over the holiday season, it is crucial to take extra care. Local police forces increase their efforts to catch people driving while drunk. If you misjudge things, you too could fall into their net, with a DUI charge for your troubles.

The simplest way to avoid a charge is to avoid driving altogether if you know you will be consuming alcohol over the holidays. Yet, that is often not realistic. So what else can you do?

Remember that alcohol can stay in your blood for hours

If you go out to celebrate on Christmas eve, you may still be over the limit come the morning of the 25th. So think carefully before jumping into your car to pick up something you forgot from the shop.

Do not trust other people’s measures

You visit a relative’s house to drop their presents off. When they offer you a drink, you say no. Eventually, they nag you into having “just one drink.” Unfortunately, they do not mention the glass of beer they pour you is your local brewery’s Christmas special, which is over three times the strength of a standard beer.

Take care with the Christmas punch

You ask the waiter at your office party if the punch contains alcohol. They say no. Only when the police stop you and you test positive do you realize the waiter was wrong.

Do not trust a personal Breathalyzer

To play it safe, you order a breath-testing machine from the internet. It says you are fine to drive, and so off you go. When the police stop you, their device says you are over the limit. Even police machines can read wrong, so placing your faith in an internet bargain could prove costly.

These are some of the reasons you could accidentally pick up a DUI. Explaining how you mistakenly ended up over the limit might help your DUI defense, yet it is wise to look for other ways to challenge the charge.