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Can you legally use marijuana if you buy it in another state?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2022 | Criminal

There are some ways in which you can use marijuana in Virginia without breaking the law. For instance, perhaps you have a medical card for it and you’re allowed to use it to treat specific ailments for which it is a recognized medical treatment.

If you want to use marijuana recreationally, however, in Virginia it still remains illegal. You’re not allowed to buy it at a dispensary as you can in other states.

What if just drive to another state or into Washington, D.C., buy marijuana legally and then drive back to Virginia? This way you have made a legal purchase and you can legally use the substance, right?

You’re still in violation of state laws

You can’t do this, though, because you’re still violating state laws in Virginia once you return with marijuana. Even if that purchase was made legally, the substance still becomes illegal as soon as you re-enter your home state. You are always bound by the laws of the state that you are in — not the state where you made the purchase.

Moreover, the federal government still does not recognize the legality of marijuana anywhere in the country. By crossing state lines with it in your vehicle or on your person, you have now violated federal laws against marijuana use or possession. Therefore, you could certainly still face criminal charges, even though you may have been trying to do things legally. If this does happen to you, be sure that you understand all of your criminal defense options. Getting experienced legal guidance can help you protect your rights.