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2 reasons stopping for a happy hour could lead to a DUI charge

On Behalf of | May 15, 2022 | DUI

People get arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) offenses when they don’t know their own limits and over-indulge. Occasionally, individuals who are usually responsible for their alcohol consumption can make mistakes that lead to a DUI charge. 

Even if you typically know your own alcohol tolerance and respect your limits, stopping off at happy hour after work could increase your risk of impaired driving and a DUI charge. 

Post-work fatigue amplifies alcohol’s effects

When you get out of work for the day, you may have a slump in energy. That post-work fatigue can exacerbate the drowsiness and other cognitive effects of alcohol. Even if you only have one drink, you may notice a marked difference in your driving ability. 

You could doze off at the wheel or drive more poorly than you would after the same number of drinks when you feel well-rested. If an officer pulls you over, they could arrest you for a DUI based on your behavior at the wheel, even if the breath test shows you are under the legal limit. 

Downing a drink to leave quickly is dangerous

Another reason that happy hour could lead to a DUI is if you have to leave unexpectedly. If you don’t pace yourself when you drink and instead finish an entire beverage in a few minutes, the alcohol will have a stronger effect than it would if you slowly sip a beverage. 

Learning more about the scenarios in which your impairment increases can help you avoid inadvertently getting arrested for a DUI offense. If you do make a mistake, find out how to protect your legal interests.