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Will you lose your license over a Virginia DUI arrest?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | DUI

For many people arrested for a driving under the influence (DUI) offense in Virginia, the main concern will be whether or not they end up in jail. Those who get into crashes after drinking, who have a very high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or who have prior DUIs on their records could easily end up sentenced to jail time because of a drunk driving incident.

However, your freedom isn’t the only thing at risk when you face DUI charges in Virginia. There will also be financial penalties, including fines and increased insurance costs. Additionally, you are at risk of losing your license. If you lose your license, you could have issues with your job or find yourself unable to properly care for your children and other dependent family members.

Will Virginia suspend your driver’s license after a DUI arrest?

Even first-time offenders lose driving privileges

Virginia has a strict approach to drunk driving penalties. A first-time DUI offense with no aggravating can result in a one-year suspension of someone’s driver’s license. Those with multiple prior offenses will face a longer potential suspension.

A standard second DUI could mean losing your license for three years. If you have a third DUI, the state will indefinitely suspend your driver’s license. You could find yourself unable to regain your license. If the police discover you driving despite having a suspended driver’s license due to a DUI offense, they can arrest you and charge you with a felony. You could end up in prison for between one and five years.

When you do get your license back, you can expect to pay more for car insurance. In some cases, you could lose your professional license and your job because of a DUI offense that occurs while you are not at work.

Protecting your license might mean defending yourself in court

If you don’t want to lose your driving privileges because of a DUI charge, the only solution may be to defend yourself in court. If you avoid a conviction, you can also avoid the suspension of your license. Mounting a rigorous defense will help you preserve your driving privileges and a clean criminal record when you face drunk driving charges.