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It’s still not safe to buy or bring marijuana into Virginia

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Criminal

For many years, marijuana laws in the United States were simple. It was illegal and classified as a controlled substance.

But that has been changing lately. Many states have decriminalized it, as Virginia did. In a lot of them, you can go to dispensaries and buy marijuana products completely legally. This is true in places like Colorado or Michigan.

And it’s also coming to Virginia. It just hasn’t arrived yet. The state is scheduled to have dispensaries in 2024 that will allow people to make legal purchases. There are still restrictions on how many ounces of marijuana people can have at any given time, and on how many plants they can grow, but it’s clear that things have significantly changed.

It is still federally illegal

Some people may feel that it’s frustrating to know that marijuana is going to be legally sold in two years. You could be tempted to drive to a state where it’s already being legally sold, buy some products, and then drive back to Virginia.

If you do consider doing this, remember that it is still illegal to purchase marijuana at the federal level. The product is still controlled as it used to be by all of the states. This means that it is illegal to cross state lines. You would be violating both state and federal law if you were to try to get ahead of the upcoming sales by bringing marijuana into the state from another location.

It’s always complex when laws change, and those who have been accused of crimes need to make sure they know what defense options they have.