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What limitations does a Virginia restricted license have?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | DUI

There are numerous consequences of a driving under the influence DUI charge in Virginia. You will have to pay a fine and could spend some time in state custody, especially if you have previous DUI charges on your record. Even if this is your first-ever arrest, you are also at risk of losing your license, although you can secure a restricted license.

A restricted license allows you to drive instead of leaving you dependent on taxis, public transportation and rideshare apps to get to work and handle the other demands of daily life. Instead of serving a lengthy license suspension without any driving privileges, you will be able to drive as long as you comply with certain limitations.

If you have a restricted license following a DUI arrest in Virginia, what restrictions will a judge place on your driving privileges?

An ignition interlock requirement

Perhaps the most important restriction related to alcohol impairment cases involves special machinery in the vehicle that you drive. You have to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in any vehicle that you drive while there are still restrictions on your license.

If you drive a different vehicle, you could face arrest if you get caught by law enforcement. Until the state removes the restrictions from your license, you can only operate a vehicle with an IID installed.

Limitations on timing and destination

The judge presiding over your criminal case has the authority to impose other restrictions on your driving in addition to requiring the installation of a chemical testing device in your vehicle.

For example, they can order you to only travel to and from work, necessary family matters and medical appointments. They might limit the time of day that you travel or what other individuals you transport. Although such restrictions are less common than an IID requirement, they can be a component of license restrictions following a DUI arrest in Virginia.

The only way to prevent the state from imposing significant limits on when and how you drive is to defend yourself against impaired driving charges. There are numerous ways for someone accused of drunk driving to create a reasonable doubt about whether they drove while chemically impaired. Learning about the consequences of Virginia DUI charges may inspire you to more assertively defend yourself against them.