• Why Are Some Felony Crimes Charged As Federal Offenses?

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    When a person is charged with a felony criminal offense, it is often clear whether it is a state or a federal offense. For example, on the one hand, if a person violates a state law of Virginia and does so completely within the bounds of the state—such as robbery in a downtown Richmond retail establishment—that crime typically will be charged under Virginia state law. On the other hand, if a person is accused of burglary or robbery inside a...

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    Police do make mistakes when detaining you, making an arrest, or investigating crimes. Prosecuting attorneys may also be guilty of errors during the pre-trial and trial process. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not a mistake, and officials engage in intentional misconduct that affects your case. However, while these issues may violate your rights under federal law and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, they don’t automatically enter the courtroom. Even when you have multiple defenses or grounds to have the charges...

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