• Can I Be Charged WIth Possession If Police Find Drugs in the Car?

    Charged WIth Possession

    In Virginia, it is unlawful to knowingly and intentionally possess a controlled substance without the proper authorization (Code of Virginia § 18.2-250). It is important to understand that actual physical possession is not required for a person to be charged with and convicted of a drug crime in the Commonwealth. A defendant may be arrested based on a concept called ‘constructive possession’—meaning if police find drugs in your vehicle, you may still be charged with a crime. Here, our Richmond...

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    Violate Probation in Virginia

    In Virginia, a defendant may end up on probation if they receive a suspended sentence or after they have been released from incarceration. The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) notes that defendants must strictly comply with the terms of their probation. Failure to do so could lead to very serious consequences. If you violate probation, you must take immediate action to protect your rights. Here, our Richmond probation violation lawyer explains the most important things you need to know if...

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