The Strong Defense You Deserve Against Criminal Charges

When Criminal Charges Involve Prescription Drugs

Only licensed pharmacists can legally dispense prescription drugs – and consumers of these medications must transport them in their original containers. Just like heroin and cocaine, Oxycodone and Percocet are illegal for private individuals to obtain, sell or give away.

Have you been charged with a drug crime involving prescription drugs containing opiates (or any prescription drugs)? Many otherwise law-abiding citizens get in trouble with the law in situations such as the following:

  • Carrying unpackaged opioid medications that are then discovered by security officials in airports
  • Giving prescription pain pills to a friend or family member (or accepting such pills from someone other than a pharmacist)
  • Taking opioids for personal use without a prescription while working in a pharmacy or hospital

Whether accidentally or because of drug dependency problems, many people fall into trouble with law enforcement agents through such activities. You need legal counsel immediately if you are under investigation or have been accused or arrested. Turn to Del Rio Law, PLLC, for the attentive representation that you deserve.

Work With An Aggressive Defender

Your prescription drug-related arrest may have come about when you bought or sold opioids through illegitimate channels. Regardless of what you are accused of and how it may have happened, I am ready to defend your constitutional rights. I am defense attorney Abraham Del Rio III, a former Virginia magistrate. I staunchly believe that every accused person should have a strong defense.

These are a few examples of defense strategies that I have applied successfully for other clients:

  • Did the police uncover evidence through illegal search and seizure? I will fight to have this evidence disregarded in court, and your case may be dismissed.
  • Do you have a drug dependency problem and need treatment rather than punishment? I will fight to make this an option for you.
  • Were you a victim of circumstances when someone with you committed a crime that did not involve you? I will fight to clear your name.

I am eager to evaluate your drug crime case.

I Am On Your Side In Your Fight For Your Freedom And Future

As your defense lawyer, I will seek to protect you from harsh consequences, including a criminal record, after an arrest or during an investigation involving prescription narcotics.

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